Conner has been in the health and fitness industry for years. In high school a strength coach first spiked his interest and became Conner’s mentor. He taught Conner form, technique, and the art of lifting. Conner competed in lacrosse for eight years, including at the collegiate level at Brigham Young University. His interest in fitness and strength training greatly impacted his playing ability and competing against rival collegiate athletes. He started a workout supplement company in 2015 with products he formulated from extensive research and knowledge in that field. Conner is National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Wellness from Brigham Young University, and has been a Strength and Conditioning specialist for years, including at Utah Valley University. He knows what it takes to train hard, eat clean, stretch, and rest the body when necessary. Conner’s specialties are fat loss, increasing metabolism, building lean muscle, technique, strength training, injury prevention, and mobilization. Conner has helped hundreds of individuals lose unwanted body fat, increase strength and confidence, and achieve the body they have always wanted.


Fat loss
Lean Muscle Gain
Mobilization & corrective exercises (fixing muscle imbalances that cause pain such as knee or low back pain)
Sports performance

Strength & Conditioning Coach for: Professional Athletes, D1-D3 Athletes, Utah Valley University, Top Ranked Utah High Schools, Armed Forces Members, TV News anchors.