Men’s Products

Men’s Anabolic Training System (ATS) Phase 1

  • Workout program backed by science
  • Build lean muscle
  • Shed unwanted body fat
  • Increase energy and mental clarity
  • 3 full body days for superior muscle recruitment and adaptation
  • Whether you are beginner, intermediate, or advanced, this is the first phase of seeing increased results

Online Customized Training

  • 12 Weeks of nutritional coaching
  • 12 Weeks of workouts
  • Weekly check ins
  • Progress pictures
  • Macro nutrient breakdown specific for your age, height, weight, activity level, and goals
  • Healthy meal options
  • Unlimited questions/ open communication with Conner Hansen
  • Weekly changes as needed
  • Initial 30 min Face Time/Duo consultation with Conner Hansen

Fat Loss Meals

Eating healthy doesn’t come natural to most individuals. That is why I have put together over five breakfast, lunch, dinner’s and snacks that will help you eat healthy and achieve the body you have always wanted.

Everything You Need to Know About Fitness E-Book

“This book is dedicated to giving you the most proven, no fluff, applicable information for you to take and immediately implement into your journey to start seeing the results you’ve always wanted.”