Online Coaching

Hey! I’m Conner and I’m so glad you’re here! I help people lose fat, build lean muscle, and gain the physique and confidence they have always wanted. I am National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified and have a bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Wellness from Brigham Young University. During my years in the fitness industry, I have helped hundreds of people, just like you, lose weight and become healthier, all while still eating the foods they love AND not spending hours on the treadmill. So, if you’re ready to shed fat, build muscle, and transform your body, click the link below to start working with me!

Fat loss
Post Pregnancy Fat loss
Lean Muscle Gain

What’s Included

  • 12 Weeks of nutritional coaching
  • 12 Weeks of workouts
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Progress pictures
  • Macronutrient breakdown specific for your age, height, weight, activity level, and goals
  • Healthy meal options
  • Unlimited questions/ open communication with me
  • Weekly changes as needed
  • Initial 30 min phone consultation with me

This program requires a 12-week commitment.  I am 100% committed to my clients, and for you to see the results you want, you have to be 100% committed to the program and myself. LET’S DO THIS!

Upon payment completion, you will be contacted by Conner via e-mail to set up your initial consultation. Please allow 24 hours for contact.

“I used to do hours of cardio and little weights. I was afraid to get bulky. I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. I finally trusted Conner’s process and went all in. Lifting heavy, watching my macros, learning about food, I finally started seeing changes. I am a few months into my journey now and couldn’t be happier.”

“Conner is amazing as a trainer. This year I lost 62 lbs in 8 months from a mixture of diet, exercise, and determination and that’s in a huge part thanks to Conner. He listened to my goals and set up appropriate exercises and expectations to help me meet those goals. I would recommend performance training to anyone and everyone.”

“In just over two months, I have been able to prepare for what’s next! I want to thank @performancetrainingutah for helping me set a eating plan and workouts that fit me! Also want to thank my family and friends who put up with me and supported me as I prepared for Air Force and firefighting! I Wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for your love and support!”

“Conner is the man! He started out by
asking me what my goals are so that he
and I would both be on the same page.
He showed full confidence in me and
explained that he would do everything
he could to help me reach those goals,
but it would require strong effort on
my part as well. Since then he has
pushed me and I’ve benefited from his
great knowledge of the human body and
how to make it bigger, faster and stronger.
Plus the price is way cheap for the quality
of training you will receive!”